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Presented by CPR – Center for Performance Research as part of its Sunday Salon series, Trenzadas is an immersive memory-scape that depicts the connection between geographical spaces, the body, and identity. Created and curated in collaboration with Doménica García, this two-day exhibition incorporates soft sculpture, video, audio, photography, and performance, immersing the audience in a surreal space, inviting self-reflection. Through the use of nostalgic imagery, hair, soil, and movement, Trenzadas explores the deep connection between the land and the body as well as the ways in which identities can intertwine through memory.

Trenzadas live durational performance. Center for Performance Research. April, 2022. Photography: Meicen Meng

The installation created for CPR’s Storefront Gallery comprised of 250 feet of woven hair and 400 lbs of soil. On the opening night, Damken and Garcia activated the installation with a 3-hour durational performance. Presented alongside the live performance installation was a large-scale video projection in CPR’s performance space which incorporates archival and original landscape footage and audio from the artists’ motherlands: México and Ecuador.

Trenzadas 3-channel video projection and installation. Center for Performance Research. April, 2022. 

Photography: Meicen Meng, Domenica Garcia, Damariz Damken

After the opening, visitors were invited to experience the installation directly by entering the performance space. Relics from the performance were later incorporated within the exhibition and displayed alongside a sculpture made out of Damken's own hair and a series of photographs made in collaboration with photographer Meicen Meng.

Trenzadas Photo Series, 2022

Digital Archival Prints 

8 x 11 in / 11 x 14 in Framed

Trencé mi cabello entre mis dedos cortados y susurré una oración, 2022

Human Hair and Soil 

Acrylic Shadow Box (15 x 5.5 x 7 in)

Dresses worn during opening performance, 2022

Trenzadas is supported, in part, by an Emergency Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, and SoMad Gallery.

Sunday Salon is an extension of CPR’s Artist-in-Residence (AiR) Program, and provides a platform for AiRs to share their current practice with the larger CPR and NYC performance community. Sunday Salon may take many forms, including presentations of live work, artist talks, and presentations of research, materials, and ephemera.

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